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PCSC offers a Fault Tolerant (FT) controller series creating the highest level of reliability with its automated process of system recovery for access control, alarm monitoring and output control systems. The FT Architecture (FTA) is the next evolution of building security management designed with a Virtual Point Definition network, integrated peer-to-peer and redundant communications. The FT system is designed to automatically recover regardless of communication or controller failure.
  Fault Torerant:  FT Controller   Single Cable Solution
The IQ Series controllers are PCSC’s benchmark for access control, input and output control monitoring.
Systemconfiguration begins with either a two door controller (IQ200) or a four door controller (IQ400). Each controller can be expanded in 4 reader increments, up to 10 or 12 readers.
  IQ Series:   IQ200/400
The SIM (Supervised Input Module) series controllers are designed for projects requiring high populations of sense inputs. Unlike the IQ series controllers with reader capacities as the main design, the SIM's strengths are in sense inputs.
  SIM Series:   SIM
The NRX system is configured to provide 100% Distributed Intelligence (DI). PCSC’s DI guarantees complete integrity of the security features even during a loss of communication to the host.
  Linc EZ Access - NRX Panel - IAM