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The MS Reader Series is a family of proximity readers that give superior performance in sleek, small, attractive packages.

The KC-10X Standard Light Proximity Card is the most popular proximity card in existence. It is thin enough to be "wallet-friendly" yet durable enough to carry a lifetime warranty.

The MT-10X Multi Technology Proximity Card is a PVC Card capable of accepting dye sublimation direct print images. It also contains a mag stripe for applications where other systems with mag stripe technology are in use.

The PKT-10X Proximity Key Tag is the industry's smallest and most durable proximity key tag.

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Pyramid Series Proximity readers, cards and tags are small, thin, attractive, and competitively priced industry standard Wiegand output devices. This means that the readers can output all Wiegand formats, including the industry standard 26-bit Wiegand format, as well as custom Wiegand and ABA Track II magnetic stripe formats.
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